Lady Gaga Challenge - Favorite Album.

The Fame Monster. (2009)

Lady Gaga Challenge: I’m currently doing the get to know me meme on my personal blog and decided to make a Gaga one for this blog for some inspiration. I’m posting this in case any of you want to do it too. Feel free to not do things or/and add things you want to do. I really made this based on the types of graphics/gif’s I like to make. You can do this challenge anyway you want (edits/gif’s). There is no wrong or right way to do it!

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April 18  ♥  9 notes

What if Lady Gaga had a personal Facebook?

Lady Gaga, Bill Murray and Dave Take A Selfie.

I think it’s nice to receive things with your mind as a blanc canvas. The point is that we receive as a blanc canvas that when you hear something you kind of allow the art to be made for the first time in a way. That you don’t have to all view it in the same way.

Gaga presenting VEVO’s weekly wrap-up show. x